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North Star Aviation Group {NSAG) is a company founded by professionals in the diaspora with a rich history of local and international Aviation experience in the Aviation
Industry and with a determination to shape and Strengthen the future of Aviation born prosperity in the Horn and Central Africa, Middle-East/GCC and more. NSAG aims to play a significant role in satisfying the region’s growing Aviation product and services demand whilst
giving investors a stable and attractive rate of return on their investment in the industry.

Connecting the dots

Invest today and see your return on investment soar
Board members

Mekonnen B. Assefa

Founder and Board Chairman “North Star Aviation Group / NSAG Chicago, USA

“North Star Business Group LLC”, Northern Star Aviation Group NSAG / NST, Chicago, USA


Mr. Tadesse Adane Gebru Virginia, USA

 29 + years Ethiopian Airlines

Former Vice president Customer service at Ethiopian Airlines, Regional director, V/P Commercial , Director marketing sales and marketing , country manager (India, Israel, ..) ,Rigonal director –marketing and sale (brussless) , Director marketing sales and operations-International, finance accountant , Aviation accountant at Ethiopian Airlines for the last 29 years . Co-Founder and managing director Eaglepack Industries plc, Co-Founder and board member at North Star Tigray, Board member at Wegagen etc…


Mr. Getachew Solomon Canada

 Banking industry

President of Lion International Bank and Board Chairman of North Star Trade SC in Tigray , Getachew Solomon, a father of four and president of Lion International Bank (LIB), BA in Accounting, and MBA- International Business . He has a BA Degree in Accounting from Mekelle University (MU) and obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Greenwich University, London, specializing in International Business. He has worked in the banking industry for over 26 years starting his career at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and rising through the ranks of a bank clerk, corporate communications branch manager and district manager. He worked as Operations Vice President at LIB for a year, before becoming the President.


Capitain Haile Belai Dubai, UAE

 40 + years Aviation safety and Security

Captain Haile Belai is Chief, AFI Comprehensive Implementation Programme (C/ACIP), a Programme established to give effect to the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa established in January 2008. Capt. Belai has held several high-level positions at ICAO including Chief of the Implementation Support and Development (ISD) Branch; Chief, Aviation Security and Facilitation (S&F) Branch and Chief Safety Oversight Audit (SOA) Section, responsible for the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) which he established since its inception in 1999 until November 2005 when he was re-assigned to the position of Chief, Aviation Security and Facilitation. Haile is a veteran of 22 years at ICAO where he also served as Technical Officer for aircraft operations and airworthiness in the Dakar Regional Office and Technical Officer Personnel Licensing and Training at Headquarters in Montreal before being tasked to establish and manage the ICAO mandatory safety oversight programme in December 1998. Prior to joining ICAO, Capt. Belai was an airline pilot with Ethiopian Airlines, where he was also active as an instructor, an Executive Secretary and President of the airline pilots association and Regional Vice President, and AFI Advisory Group Rapporteur of the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) from 1980 to 1985. Capt. Belai holds a Bachelor of Science in Commercial and Industrial Economics, a Master of Science in Aviation Management from Western Pacific University, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Concordia University. Captain Belai has also taught Aviation Safety Risk Management courses at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, to Aviation MBA students. During his engagement with the SCAA, Capt. Belai continued to conduct safety management courses and seminars and Training Managers Courses (TMC) for which he is certified by ICAO and in 2016, he established a consultancy, AviationSM, based in Dubai United Arab Emirates. AviationSM provided safety management services to States and air operators in the region making use of retired international experts and other aviation-related organizations. Under AviationSM, Capt. Belai was contracted as a Senior Executive Officer of Tarco Airlines, a regional airline based in Khartoum, Sudan providing air transport services in Africa and the Middle East.   The emergence of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and the resulting impact n the industry Capt. Belai closed his consultancy and resigned from Tarco Air and is currently working as a free-lance (on call) safety/risk management consultant based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Yibrah Welderufael Weldeabzgi Nairobi, Kenya

 8+ years Ethiopian Airlines

Graduated from Ethiopian Aviation Academy School of AMTS after completing Aircraft Maintenance Course ( Airframe, Power plant and Avionics) Graduated from University of Cumbria, UK after completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA). Worked as a Senior Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Ethiopian MRO Services and Project manager of Ethiopian Airlines MRO strategy & process integration.  doing his MSc in Sustainable Development at University of Sussex, UK and MSc in Digital Marketing at University of Liverpool, UK


Dr.  Haile Arefayne Shishaye Australia

 hydrogeologist, Soil and Water Engineering and Management and Media

Dr. Haile Arefayne Shishaye is a hydrogeologist. Dr. Haile got his BSc, in Soil and Water Engineering and Management, from Haramaya University in 2009. He then served as an assistant lecturer right after his graduation. He joined Flinders University - Australia for his MSc degree (Groundwater Hydrology) in 2012 and graduated in 2014. Dr. Haile again served Haramaya University as a lecturer from 2014 to early 2018. He then studied for his Ph.D. (Hydrogeology) at Southern Cross University – Australia from 2018 – 2021 and graduated in early 2021. Since then, Dr. Haile is serving Southern Cross University as a lecturer and researcher in his area of specialization. Further, Dr. Haile is the founder and director of Dedebit Media, and chairperson of the Water Resources Development and Management Thematic Area under GSTS. Dr Haile also chairperson of Global Media Council of Tigrayan Medias


Dr. Elzabeth Mekonnen Australia

 Ecotourism and agricultural enterprise

Dr. Elizabeth, Current board member at North Star Trade Sc of Tigray . Dr  Elizabet has several years of experience in animal nutrition working for Ministry of Agriculture (Ethiopia) and the International Livestock Centre for Africa (Later IRLI). In Australia she joined the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries for 15 years working in diverse fields such as Bio informatics management, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and rangeland management. In 2009 she opened and management her own successful retail business. She returned to Tigray Ethiopia in 2019 to establish an integrated ecotourism and agricultural enterprise (ALMAK). Her mission is to offer guests a unique experience from historical, natural, cultural and social point of view and to introduce urban agriculture to boost food production in the area. The flagship for the ecotourism part is an eco-villagethat will be based in Adwa town and will support sustainable tourism that benefits local communities and promotes culture and heritage and minimise impacts on the environment. Urban agriculture, based on the principles of permaculture will develop sustainable, self-maintaining and socially responsible agricultural system mimicking natural ecosystems.