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Northen Star Airlines has a strategic modus operandi with which we carry out our day to day operations. We have state-of-the-art facilities like MRO Operations, Ground services and catering. We also deal in aircraft spare parts. Our commercial hot-ballooning services are loved by the customers. Our aviation academy produces some of the world’s finest pilots and aircraft experts. We dominate the industry because we believe in achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We are punctual and value oriented. We promise to work harder and continue to set the benchmark higher in the field of responsible aviation.
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Hot Air Balloons

capture beautiful moments

Unforgettable Sunrises

We are authorised to provide commercial air ballooning services. We make sure that we follow all the safety and security norms set by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation. Hot air ballooning is a very famous air sport which is loved by children and elders alike. So, we make sure that these rides are designed for the comfort and safety of children as well as the senior patrons. We take our responsibility very seriously and procure only the best-manufactured air-balloons.


Safety is of utmost importance to us. All the safety protocols are followed before every flight.

Fair Pricing

Everyone loves a good bargain. We offer special discounts and packages for our regular visitors.

Exceptional Rides

Bask in the spectacular 360° views and simply mind-blowing experience of floating in the air.


Our flight operators are seasoned professionals who make flying with an experience in itself.

The comfort and enjoyment of our customers is of prime importance to us.

We make sure that the time that you spend with us is the most memorable experience of your life.

Aim for the sky

Aviation academy

Aviation academy is the backbone for all sectors in the aviation industry. New pilots, mechanics, cabin crew, marketing and ticket experts will be needed over next coming years.

NSG Aviation academy will be one of the business units of NSG and will consists of different schools, namely Pilot Training school, Aviation Maintenance Technicians School, Cabin Crew & Catering Training School, Commercial & Ground Services Training School, Leadership & Career Development Training School and Training Standards & Development section. Each school will run different programs as mentioned below.

  1. Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi- Engine rating (CPL/IR/ME)
  2. Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL)
  3. Flight Dispatchers /Flight Operations Officers Training
  4. Private pilot license

Basic Training Course for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

  1. AMT
  2. Avionics
  3. Airframe
  4. Power Plant
  5. Aircraft Structures
  6. Aircraft Mechanical Component Overhaul
  7. Line and Hangar Maintenance Mechanic (category A1 equivalent)
  8. Aircraft Cabin Maintenance
  9. Aircraft Painters Training
  10. Aviation Plasma and Welding Technicians Training
  11. Aircraft General Familiarization for Maintenance Engineers Training
  12. Aircraft Wire Harness Manufacturing Training
  13. Aviation Machinist Training
  1. Aircraft Type training
  2. Aircraft Component training
  • Airframe component
  • Avionics component
  • Powerplant component
  1. Generic courses
  • Human Factors for Maintenance Personnel
  • Aviation Legislation (EASA regulation), FAA Regulation, ECARAS Regulations
  • Fuel Tank Safety
  • EWIS course
  • Aircraft inspection course
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Crew resource Management (CRM)
  • English Language Proficiency (ELP) training & testing
  • Troubleshooting Techniques Course
  1. Basic Cabin Crew Training
  2. Aircraft Type training
  3. Requalification Training
  4. Recurrent Training
  5. Catering Training
  • Basic Aviation Catering
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Food & Beverage Control
  1. Airline Call Center & Ticket Agent Training program
  2. Airline Commercial & Ground Services Agent Training program
  3. Air Cargo Handling Agent Training program
  4. Airport Passenger Handling Agent Training program
  5. Ramp Handling Agent Training program
  6. Airline Accounting & Finance Training program
  7. Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Operation and Maintenance
  1. Leadership training
  2. Career Development Courses
  3. Communication trainings
  4. Managerial trainings 
  5. Human Resource Development 
  6. Finance and audit Trainings
  7. English language trainings (General English, Aviation English)
  1. Train-the- Trainer (Instructional Techniques and System Design, Training Needs Assessment)
  2. Coach Skills Training
  3. Assessors Skills Training
  4. Train the Examiner
Pilot Training

We have special pilot training sessions for both beginners and advanced level. If you are a flying enthusiast who fits the following eligibility criteria, register for our pilot training programs. It is a demanding job, which requires discipline, patience, and commitment. Our program includes not just aircraft operations, but also specialised knowledge of air navigation, monitoring climatic circumstances.

Commercial and Ground Services Training

We dominate the industry because we acquire only the best talent from across the world. We offer a training period of six months before our staff is sent for formal duty. Our staff is empathetic and sensitized. Our training programs meet the International standards and our regimen reflect our virtues. Our course is designed keeping in mind all the parameters of in-flight and ground services. Special training for unforeseen and unusual situations is also provided. Impeccable communication skills and coordination are the foremost qualities that we inculcate in our trainees.

for talented students

SAVE UP TO 10% in tuition fees as scholarships

MRO Maintenance and Repair Haul

It is our duty to ensure that all our aircrafts are functioning to their best ability. This is why we conduct regular MRO sessions that are aimed at maintenance, repair and overhaul. Inspection of the aircraft is done from all possible angles to ensure safety of our passengers and crew. A variety of inspection techniques are utilised in this process.

Maintenance, Repair, OverhauL

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In-flight catering services are one of the most important inflight operations. The quality of food served, the friendly nature of the cabin crews is imperative for excellent customer experience.

We source materials from the best brands and highly talented and experienced professionals prepare the food.

Food is a trigger for memories. We abide by this philosophy and ensure that our customers enjoy the food remember flying with us.

We provide all sorts of hot and cold meals, beverages and other stuff. People from different cultures travel with us and we make sure our services are appreciated by each.


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essential services

Ground Services​

The ground services are as important as the in-flight services. and Northern Star Airlines feel extremely proud to say that we have an excellent network of people working day and night ensuring that the ground operations run in the smoothest of manner. Our range of services vary from customer to customer. We make sure that we cater to the needs of all sorts of people. Special care is given for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Hassle free ground operations are extremely imperative for smooth flight operations. They are a major deciding factor of the position and image of the specific airline in the International markets.

Cabin Services

Passenger comfort is own aim. Services include cleaning of the aircraft premises and making sure all the essentials (blankets, toiletries etc.) are available to the customers.

Passenger Services

These services include operations such as easy check-in and boarding facility, special assistance for differently-abled, management of customer’s luggage, lounge services.

Aircraft Loading and Handling

We will have an efficient freight management system that ensures safety and well-being of the shipment.

Crew Administration

Our staff will be adept at administration, scheduling, training, deployment and recruitment processes.

Aircraft spare parts

We will source the spare parts from ethical and high-quality suppliers that meet the industry standards. Be it any equipment, connection accessories, harnesses and cables, or any tool.


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